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Add a mechanism to IOT platform to migrate between environments

Typically we have dev, test and production environments and need a means to either promote from one environment to the next (eg export/import) or apply the same change to all eg execute a deployment script.  Although we can export the device types and the individual devices from one environment there are a number of problems:

1. we cannot migrate boards so these must be manually recreated.
2. there is no easy way to get the full environment.  Instead we must either create a tool or manually iterate over each device type exporting them one by one and then importing one by one in the second space.
3. The export of the actual devices is in a format that is not compatible with import so requires a significant number of changes - we estimate that 25% of the exported file was deleted or amended.


1. it should be possible to export the devices in a format that is compatible with import.
2. it should be possible to export boards and import them to a separate environment (or at least be able to create them programatically so we can use an automated build process.
3. It should be possible to export and import a list of device types so that it is not necessary to create custom tools to interrogate the first space to determine how many types exist, export each in turn and import then individually into the new space.

Ideally, any solution should be compatible with a version control system such as git.

Without the ability to manage and consistently (ie automatded) deploy changes through the development lifecycle it is difficult to support the use of this product beyond simple demos.
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  • Sep 6 2018
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