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Altering NodeRed Security Information through Deployment Automation (REST API or CLI)

Problem Statement

I am deploying a BlueMix node-red application using Urban Code Deploy. I have been successful in pushing the application. However, when I login to BlueMix and check the Node-Red flow editor, I notice that several of the nodes that should connect to the IOT service have a status of disconnected. 

After further investigation into the security portion of the nodes, the apiKey & apiToken are missing from all of the IOT input nodes and the username & password are missing from the IOT output nodes.

I then looked at the application package that is being pushed to BlueMix and noticed that there is a flow_cred.json file. I can easily update the rev and id values to match what is expected. However, I have played around with the credentials line in this file, but altering this value in any way has only led to the flows not showing up in the Node-Red UI editor. It also seems like this value is encrypted somehow, so I'm not even really sure what I should do with it.


 Application owner must login to BlueMix and manually gather and alter the credentials accordingly.

Proposed Solution

It would be nice if there was an API or CLI to set the IOT credential information in the node-red cloudant DB. Or maybe something I can do with this credentials line in the flow_cred.json file that will have the desired result. Or any other mechanism (like the manifest.yml file of the application) that will then set all the corresponding security configuration accordingly?
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  • Sep 6 2018
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